The Purple Snails: Human Nature vs. Physical Nature

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By: Caitlyn Walker, Andrea Dubbels, and Adedayo Ogunlana

Show Notes

It’s August 14, 2020. 2 weeks before the move in date. The journey of a lifetime lies ahead. JJ’s diner, the Low Steps, Butler, the lawns. Then the dreaded email arrived. “Update on the Fall Term” it read. “Columbia has made the difficult decision to make the fall semester an entirely virtual learning experience for undergraduates.”

However, not every Columbian experience was taken away from the class of 2024. We still got to engage in the same notorious texts with our fellow students. Although the class is now virtual,  we still take away the great values of Literature Humanities. They have been passed down since 1937, when the “Humanities” class first originated. Twice a week we hop on a zoom call from 4:10-6 and get to engage in intellectual discourse, asking questions like “What can these books teach us about humans, and what can we learn from them about ourselves?” while discussing themes of relationships, truth, expectations, and more.  

The Literature Humanities syllabus however, has never been as stable as the values that it seeks to encapsulate, and it has periodically received changes throughout its lifetime. These changes have been implemented to keep relevancy in an ever-changing, fast-paced world, for example, adding Jane Austen shortly after the admission of women into Columbia College. As the Purple Snails, we were given the choice to make our revision to this ever-changing list of works, and subsequently defend this choice.

Podcast Transcript

Works Cited

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Sounds Used

Till then-Manuel de Sica

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La Gloria Eres tu-Jose Antonio Mendez

 Liz Eight- Franco Mannino and Sergio Montori

When I see you again-Charlie Puth ft. Wiz Khalifa

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