The Scarlet Macaws Roundtable

Scarlet Macaws Podcast on Individual & Community Values

Johnny Duke discuss with Jessica Sidrak and Anish Nanjappa about the community and individual values with relations to both human beings and the Core Curriculum.

Grand Overview: The Core Through a Modern Lens (Grand Overview)

How do individual and community values impact our lives and alter the way we look at the world. Through Literature Humanities and the long-standing Core Curriculum, students delve into previous cultures and societies immersing themselves in unique environments learning about various morals and ethics through each read. Through our conversation today, Jessica Sidrak, an acclaimed Freudian Psychologist, and Anish Nanjappa, a Columbia University Literature Humanities Professor, will not only analyze the Core Curriculum but dive into the minds of the individual and community.

How does one form their ideologies and opinions on life? Is it through their own experience and their environment or family? What makes something right and other things wrong? The answer remains unanswered, but these ideologies are seen to develop through adolescence and are called the superego. While the individual values develop separately for everyone, the community does indeed play a big role in influencing the development.

While the Core tries to tackle the Masterpieces of Western Literature, they venture through various historically significant books, as well as more current masterpieces that illustrate a variety of individual and community values. In doing so, they leave out various books that may not necessarily fit among the older epics but still highlight these essential questions that the Core is trying to tackle: “How ought we to live? What do we learn about ourselves in doing this?” On the Literature Humanities page, “Lit Hum encourages us to compare our own assumptions and values to the radically different ones expressed in our readings. It demands that we examine ourselves in relation to our past” emphasizing the importance of various communities and moralities. Through the long history of the Core, only four books are seen persistently throughout the entire timeline: The Iliad, The Oresteia, Dante’s Inferno, and Montaigne Essays, serving as defining viewpoints in morality throughout time.

Through this analysis, Anish Nanjappa tells us how the Core recently proposed three books, Fahrenheit 451, The Great Gatsby, and 1984, all of which showcase a different viewpoint of society that is currently absent from the Core. While the Core is rooted in Western Masterpieces, it has seen shifts and changes due to the current nature of the environment and societal influences, which are arguably more present than ever before, indicating change from some of the older ideologies, like Antigone, to newer more relatable ones.

In the conversation, I, Johnny Duke, get to ask questions about the newest addition to the Core Curriculum, analyze the reasoning behind the removal of Antigone, and get a sneak peek into the minds of man. With the intersection of a Freudian Psychologist and Lit Hum Professor, things are bound to get interesting.

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